The Best Smelling Natural Candles

Meeting HHI's sustainability mantra is key for all our candles. That is why we choose to make every candle with ecofriendly soy wax, natural fragrance, add no paraffin and use all-natural bamboo lid.

Available Fragrances

All-Natural Scented Soy Candle

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All Natural Soy Wax Blend

HHI Candles are made with high quality soy wax blend that will allow your candle to have a clean long lasting burn. Our candles are paraffin free

Quality Fragrances

Our high quality fragrances will fill your room with with perfectly balances scents. We only use the the best for our candles

Offered In Single Wick or Three Wick

All HHI Candles are available in either single wick 8 ounce or 3 wick 12 ounce sizes.

This smell reminds me of my time at a 5 star Miami Beach hotel. They had a custom scent pumped into the lobby and it was so nice. This candle brings me back to that. Really well done frosted glass and quality wood top. Will for sure be a repeat buyer once I use this one up.


Vanilla Musk is a "MUST"!!!! I can't wait to order the other scents! I'm thinking these candles will be perfect for Birthday Gifts & Holiday's. FYI -Fast Shipping!

Megan M.

I got the lime coconut and it smells amazing. I love soy candles bc they burn clean and last forever. Nice packaging, and quick delivery. Looking forward to trying other scents!

Jilly A.